Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2863. Self-certification and enforcement (conditional).

(a)(1) This subchapter shall be enforced by self-certification by the applicant for a license or permit, provided that the veracity of the self-certification may be investigated upon the initiative of the District government at any time.

(2) At the time of application for a license or permit the applicant shall certify on a form provided by the District government that the applicant owes no outstanding debt over $100 to the District government as a result of any fine, fee, penalty, interest, or past due tax as set forth in § 47-2862.

(3) Upon receipt of the applicant’s certification that the issuance of the license or permit is not prohibited by this subchapter, the District government shall consider the application as otherwise provided by law, unless the government has information indicating that the applicant has not paid an outstanding debt under § 47-2862.

(b) Upon the implementation of the interagency computer system required by § 47-2866(a)(1), this section shall expire.