Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–308.02(Perm). Relevant performance measures.

(a) Each relevant performance measure must be linked to spending on the relevant activity.

(b) Each relevant performance measure shall represent a significant and realistic challenge for expected performance of the activity.

(c) Each agency shall have at least one relevant performance measure for each activity.

(d) Relevant performance measures for each fiscal year, shall be established by the Mayor or his designee, after consultation with the agency’s stakeholders.

(e) Beginning with fiscal year 2007, and for each subsequent fiscal year, all relevant performance measures for the prior fiscal year shall be provided to the Council in January along with the performance accountability reports submitted pursuant to § 1-614.13, and beginning with fiscal year 2008, and for each following fiscal year, all relevant cost drivers shall be provided with the relevant performance measures in accordance with § 47-308.03(e).

(f) Beginning with fiscal year 2008, and for each subsequent fiscal year, the Mayor, or his designee, shall, in consultation with an agency’s stakeholders, establish relevant performance measures and utilize these performance measures in the agency’s strategic business plan.