Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–317.03a. Chief Financial Officer — Powers during control periods.

(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, during any control period in effect under part B of subchapter VII of this chapter the following shall apply:

(1) The heads and all personnel of the following offices, together with all other District of Columbia accounting, budget, and financial management personnel (including personnel of independent agencies but not including personnel of the legislative and judicial branches of the District government), shall be appointed by, shall serve at the pleasure of, and shall act under the direction and control of the Chief Financial Officer:

(A) The Office of the Treasurer;

(B) The Controller of the District of Columbia;

(C) The Office of the Budget;

(D) The Office of Financial Information Services; and

(E) The Department of Finance and Revenue. The District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management assistance Authority established pursuant to § 47-391.01, may remove such individuals from office for cause, after consultation with the Mayor and the Chief Financial Officer.

(2) The Chief Financial Officer shall prepare and submit to the Mayor, for inclusion in the annual budget of the District of Columbia under part D of title IV of the District of Columbia Home Rule Act of 1973, approved December 24, 1973 (87 Stat. 774; Public Law 93-198) [§§ 1-204.41 through 1-204.56e], as amended, for each fiscal year occurring during a control period in effect under part B of subchapter VII of this chapter, annual estimates of the expenditures and appropriations necessary for the operation of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer for the year. All such estimates shall be forwarded by the Mayor to the Council of the District of Columbia for its action pursuant to §§ 1-204.46 and 1-206.03(c), without revision but subject to recommendations. Notwithstanding any other provisions of the District of Columbia Home Rule Act, Public Law 93-198, approved December 24, 1973 [Chapter 2 of Title 1, D.C. Official Code], the Council may comment or make recommendations concerning such estimates, but shall have no authority to revise such estimates.