Code of the District of Columbia

§ 49–1101.15. Local agency participation.

(a) Each member state shall, through the creation of a State Council or use of an existing body or board, provide for the coordination among its agencies of government, local education agencies, and military installations concerning the state’s participation in, and compliance with, this compact and Interstate Commission activities.

(b) Each member state may determine the membership of its own State Council; provided, that its membership includes:

(1) The State Superintendent of Education;

(2) A representative from a military installation;

(3) One representative each from the legislative and executive branches of government; and

(4) Representatives of other offices and stakeholder groups the State Council considers appropriate.

(c) A member state that does not have a school district considered to contain a high concentration of military children may appoint a superintendent from another school district to represent local education agencies on the State Council.

(d) The State Council of each member state shall appoint or designate a military family education liaison to assist military families and the state in facilitating the implementation of this compact.

(e) The compact commissioner responsible for the administration and management of the state’s participation in the compact, in the case of the District of Columbia, shall be appointed by the Mayor, or as otherwise determined by this member state.

(f) The compact commissioner and the appointed or designated military family education liaison shall be ex-officio members of the State Council, unless there is already a full-voting member of the State Council.