Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–113.02. Records — Criminal offenses.

(a) In addition to the records kept under § 5-113.01, the Metropolitan Police force shall keep a record of each case in which an individual in the custody of any police force or of the United States Marshal is charged with having committed a criminal offense in the District (except those traffic violations and other petty offenses to which the Council of the District of Columbia determines this section should not apply). The record shall show:

(1) The circumstances under which the individual came into the custody of the police or the United States Marshal;

(2) The charge originally placed against him, and any subsequent changes in the charge (if he is charged with murder, manslaughter, or causing the death of another by the operation of a vehicle at an immoderate speed or in a careless, reckless, or negligent manner, the charge shall be recorded as “homicide”);

(3) If he is released (except on bail) without having his guilt or innocence of the charge determined by a court, the circumstances under which he is released;

(4) If his guilt or innocence is so determined, the judgment of the court;

(5) If he is convicted, the sentence imposed; and

(6) If, after being confined in a correctional institution, he is released therefrom, the circumstances of his release.

(b) The Attorney General, the Corporation Counsel, the United States Magistrate for the District, the Clerk of the District Court, the Clerk of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, and the Director of the Department of Corrections shall furnish the Chief of Police with such information as the Mayor of the District of Columbia considers necessary to enable the Metropolitan Police force to carry out this section.