Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–1541.10. Maintenance of and access to files.

(a) For each record relating to a certificate of title submitted to the Harbor Master, the Harbor Master shall:

(1) Ascertain or assign the hull identification number for the vessel;

(2) Maintain the hull identification number and all the information submitted with the application pursuant to § 50-1541.06(b) to which the record relates, including the date and time the record was delivered to the Harbor Master;

(3) Maintain the files for public inspection subject to subsection (e) of this section; and

(4) Index the files of the Harbor Master as required by subsection (b) of this section.

(b) The Harbor Master shall maintain in its files the information contained in all certificates of title created pursuant to this chapter. The information in the files of the Harbor Master must be searchable by the hull identification number of the vessel, the vessel number, the name of the owner of record, and any other method used by the Harbor Master.

(c) The Harbor Master shall maintain in its files, for each vessel for which it has created a certificate of title, all title brands known to the Harbor Master, the name of each secured party known to the Harbor Master, the name of each person known to the Harbor Master to be claiming an ownership interest, and all stolen-property reports the Harbor Master has received.

(d) Upon request, for safety, security, or law-enforcement purposes, the Harbor Master shall provide to federal, state, or local government the information in its files relating to any vessel for which the Harbor Master has issued a certificate of title.

(e) Except as otherwise provided by the law of the District other than this chapter, the information required under § 50-1541.08 is a public record. The information provided under § 50-1541.06(b)(3) is not a public record.