Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–1951.03. Publication of moving infraction data.

(a) To the extent available, the Mayor shall publish online, at least once per quarter, the following information related to all notices of infractions issued for moving infractions in the preceding quarter:

(1) The date and time of the moving infraction;

(2) The location, by ward and block or intersection, where the moving infraction occurred;

(3) The agency that issued the notice of infraction;

(4) Whether the notice of infraction was issued in person or by use of the automated traffic enforcement program;

(5) The violation;

(6) The jurisdiction in which the motor vehicle involved in the moving infraction is registered; and

(7) The year, make, model, and type of the motor vehicle that committed the moving infraction.

(8) Not Funded.

(b) If complete data about a notice of infraction is not available at the time of publication, the Mayor shall publish the information that is available at the time of publication, and update the data as additional information becomes available.