Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–2206.53. Prosecution and diversionary program.

(a) The Attorney General of the District of Columbia, or his or her assistants, shall prosecute violations of this subchapter, in the name of the District of Columbia.

(b) The Attorney General may request that a person who is charged with a violation of any provision of this subchapter, as a condition to acceptance into a diversion program in lieu of prosecution, pay the District of Columbia or its agents a reasonable fee for the costs to the District of the person’s participation in the diversion program; provided, that:

(1) The Attorney General shall set the fee by rule and at a level which the Attorney General determines will not unreasonably discourage persons from entering the diversion program;

(2) The Attorney General may reduce or waive the fee if the Attorney General finds that the person is indigent; and

(3) The Mayor shall determine the provider, the content, and eligibility requirements for any diversion program.