Code of the District of Columbia

§ 6–1412. Construction Codes revisions for green building practices.

(a) By June 1, 2013, and at least once every 3 years thereafter, the Mayor, in consultation with the Green Building Advisory Council, shall submit to the Council, for approval, revisions to the Construction Codes that shall incorporate as many significant green building practices as practicable for the District of Columbia urban environment. The Mayor shall include as many green building provisions as practicable from the current versions of codes and standards published by the International Code Council. The Mayor may exclude provisions that are not practicable for the District of Columbia urban environment but shall provide evidence of cost or implementation impracticality for the excluded provisions; provided, that the Mayor is not required to consider codes or standards issued by the International Code Council within one year of the submittal date.

(b) Every 6 months after March 8, 2007, the Mayor shall provide a written report on the progress of the current round of Construction Codes revisions to the chairperson of the committee of the Council that oversees the District agency charged with the building permit function. The report accompanying the final Construction Codes revisions shall include a listing and description of each green building practice considered and why each practice was, or was not included, in the respective Construction Codes revision. By June 1, 2013, and after at least every 3 years by June 1 of the relevant year, the Mayor shall submit to the Council for approval Construction Codes revisions that are consistent with the requirements of this section, and that incorporate green building practices developed since the previous Construction Codes revisions.