Code of the District of Columbia

§ 6–227(Perm). Project-based and sponsor-based voucher assistance.

(a) The funds allocated under the program for project-based and sponsor-based voucher assistance shall be awarded by the Authority pursuant to its Partnership Program For Affordable Housing, except as otherwise provided herein.

(b) The Authority shall promulgate rules to govern the awarding of rent supplement funds through Partnership Program grants, as described in this section, to providers of sponsor-based housing. The Authority shall designate a portion of these funds to be awarded on a priority basis to sponsors of supportive housing for individuals with special needs. The rules may address eligibility, admission, and occupancy criteria, which serve the supportive housing goals of the housing development.

(c) The Authority shall apply its existing Partnership Program rules to govern the awarding of Partnership Program grants for project-based voucher assistance and the continuing eligibility for such grants under this section, except where such rules are inconsistent with this legislation. The Authority shall also apply its existing Partnership Program and Housing Choice Voucher Program rules to govern eligibility, admission, and continuing occupancy by tenants in units receiving assistance under this section, § 6-226, and § 6-228, except if the rules are inconsistent with this section, § 6-226, and § 6-228. The Authority shall promulgate such additional rules as are necessary to ensure that eligibility for tenancy in the units supported by grants under this section is limited to households with gross income at or below 30% of the area median income.

(d) To maintain consistency for households receiving rental housing support, the Authority shall, to the extent possible, given funding resources available in the Rent Supplement Program, continue to fund project-based and sponsor-based grantees at the same level, adjusted for inflation, on an annual basis, unless the Authority determines that a grantee is not meeting the criteria set forth in the rules governing the Partnership Program or is not adhering to other standards set forth by rule by the Authority.

(d-1) Funds allocated for project-based or sponsor-based voucher assistance pursuant to this section may be used to cover the cost of a security deposit or application fee for a housing unit supported by a grant awarded under this section.

(e)(1) Beginning in Fiscal Year 2019, and for each fiscal year thereafter, the Authority subsidy shall include an additional $1 million for project-based and sponsor-based voucher assistance. This funding shall be in addition to any amount allocated for project-based and sponsor-based voucher assistance as of October 1, 2017.

(2) In Fiscal Year 2018, the Authority shall issue a Notice of Funding Availability for the awarding of the additional funds for project-based and sponsor-based voucher assistance referenced in paragraph (1) of this subsection.