Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–1131.20. Department of Mental Health Nurse Training Program.

(a) There is established within the Department, in partnership with UDC, a nurse training program, which shall offer tuition reimbursement for courses at UDC for a licensed practical nurse employed by Saint Elizabeths Hospital to become a registered nurse or for a registered nurse employed by Saint Elizabeths Hospital to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree; provided, that the nurse earns at least a grade B and agrees, in writing, to continue his or her employment at Saint Elizabeths Hospital for a minimum of 2 years.

(b) The Department shall:

(1) In partnership with UDC, develop:

(A) The Program; and

(B) A course of study that accommodates the schedule of nurses employed full-time;

(2) Administer the Program;

(3) Subject to the availability of funds, establish the number, and amounts of, assistance that can be extended in any fiscal year;

(4) Develop a competitive application process for nurses at Saint Elizabeths Hospital to participate in the Program; and

(5) Provide remote access learning capacities at Saint Elizabeths Hospital, if feasible.