Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–1602. Comprehensive AIDS Health-Care Response Plan.

(a) Within 6 months of December 30, 1985, the Mayor shall develop and present to the Council for its review and comment a comprehensive AIDS Health-Care Response Plan for the District of Columbia. The plan shall include, but not be limited to, the development of short-term and long-term goals and schemes for administrative coordination by District government agencies, educational programs, prevention methods and programs, a compilation of private sector services available to AIDS patients, medical research and information gathering, outpatient and inpatient health-care services delivery, social services delivery, exploration of the feasibility of establishing a separate compensation rate for District employees working in the health-care treatment facility or facilities contemplated in § 7-1603, housing, and identifying other general services needs.

(b) The Mayor shall update annually the comprehensive plan mandated by subsection (a) of this section.