Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–531.02. Establishment of pilot volunteer service credit program.

(a) Within 8 months after September 13, 1986, the Mayor shall establish a 3-year pilot volunteer service credit program (“program”) through which individuals may volunteer targeted services and in return earn service credits that may be subsequently exchanged for targeted services. To implement the program, the Mayor may award grants and contracts to approved sponsors. The Mayor shall widely publicize a description of the program and a contact telephone number and address for those who may wish to participate.

(b)(1) The Mayor shall ensure that the District government or a sponsor maintains a computerized, District-wide register containing:

(A) The names of participating volunteers, services for which they are available, and any other personal information relevant to the program;

(B) An accounting system with the capacity to make available to the Mayor, each sponsor, and each volunteer a monthly balance of service credits earned and used; and

(C) Any other data that may be needed to monitor and administer the program and any demonstration projects undertaken pursuant to § 7-531.07.

(2) The register required by this subsection shall be used solely to match volunteers with eligible persons and to accomplish other tasks consistent with the purposes of this subchapter.