Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–858.02. Newborn screening and testing.

(a) Each hospital, birthing facility, and nurse-midwife shall:

(1) Inform and educate the parent of a newborn of the purpose and availability of newborn screening for critical congenital heart disease, hearing impairment, and metabolic disorders;

(2) Screen all newborns delivered or cared for at the hospital, home, or birthing facility for critical congenital heart disease, hearing impairment, and metabolic disorders, unless the newborn's parent withholds consent for the screening procedure;

(3) Document the screening results or the parent's refusal to permit the screening;

(4) Provide the screening results to the parent of the newborn and the newborn's primary care provider;

(5) When a screening discloses a positive result, provide recommendations for follow-up testing and treatment to the parent of the newborn and to the newborn's primary care provider; and

(6) Notify the Department of the number of infants screened, the results of the screening, and any documented parental refusal.

(b) The Mayor shall establish specific procedures for each screening through rulemaking and may revise the type of newborn screening that hospitals, birthing facilities, and nurse-midwives are required to conduct.

(c) Except for statistical data compiled without reference to the identity of any individual, all information obtained from any individual or from specimens from any newborn shall be held confidential and be considered a confidential medical record, except any information for which a parent consents to release. Each parent shall be informed of the scope of the information requested to be released and the purpose of releasing the information before the release of any confidential information.

(d) Each individual and group health benefits plan issued or renewed in the District of Columbia shall provide coverage for newborn screenings required by and performed in accordance with the provisions of this section.