Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–858.06. Duties of the committee.

The committee shall:

(1) Gather and disseminate information about perinatal and infant health indicators to increase the public's understanding of the status of perinatal and infant health in the District.

(2) Review newborn screening and surveillance data, including aggregate reports and individual case studies, and provide recommendations to improve the quality of newborn screening and birthing facility maternal and newborn discharge protocols;

(3) Provide recommendations for hospitals and birthing facilities to improve metrics on the report cards issued by the Department under § 7-858.03(c);

(4) Evaluate the need for and efficacy of all newborn screening tests and recommend the removal or addition of screening tests, as appropriate;

(5) Devise strategies to increase promotion and support of breastfeeding;

(6) Review perinatal and infant health policies and programs for the purpose of providing recommendations to improve their effectiveness in improving the health of mothers and infants;

(7) Convene sub-committees for specialty areas of perinatal and newborn health, such as metabolic disorders, to inform and provide recommendations to the full committee as needed; and

(8) Provide an annual report to the Mayor and Council of its legislative, regulatory, programmatic, and policy recommendations.