Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–151.07. Authority of the Director.

The Director shall administer and have authority over DOEE, its functions and personnel, including the authority to:

(1) Re-delegate to employees authority as, in the judgment of the Director, is warranted in the interest of efficiency and sound administration;

(2) Establish general policy and standards to promote and guide the development of environmental services in the District;

(3) Take the steps necessary, pursuant to this chapter and federal requirements, to achieve primacy to enable the District to administer and enforce federal environmental laws, rules, regulations, standards, and programs, where it is determined that it will benefit the District;

(4) Promulgate rules, regulations, standards, and programs to preserve, protect, and enhance the environment that are at least as stringent as corresponding federal rules, regulations, and standards;

(5) Delegate duties, powers, and functions to other DOEE officials authorized to administer or enforce environmental laws or regulations;

(6) Establish liaisons with other agencies to effect the purposes of this chapter;

(7) Recruit, train, and accept without regard to District Service classification laws, rules, or regulations the services of individuals without compensation as volunteers for or in aid of activities related to areas administered by the Director, except that the Director shall not use volunteers to displace any District employee, in accordance with § 1-319.01;

(8) Apply for and receive federal grants, the funds of which shall be used solely for the purposes specified under the terms of the grants and appropriations involved and may not be obligated or expended for any other purpose;

(9) Establish a grant office to ensure that all potentially available federal grants are properly and timely sought;

(10) Make awards and grants, and develop incentive programs to encourage businesses, nonprofit organizations, and community groups to voluntarily reduce energy, emissions, or take other action to improve the environment;

(11) Execute and enforce the provisions of this chapter and the rules and regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter;

(12) Delegate to other employees of DOEE any of the Director’s duties and powers; and

(13) Plan, design, implement, construct, and maintain projects to protect, restore, and enhance the environment.