Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–151.08. Duties of the Director.

The Director shall oversee each administrative division within DOEE that he or she may establish and, in conjunction with the appropriate division, plan, program, operate, manage, control, and maintain systems, processes, and programs that impact on or relate to the environment of the District and shall:

(1) Prepare and submit to the Mayor and the Council, within one year of February 15, 2006, a comprehensive natural resource management and protection plan for the District of Columbia, including any recommendations for the repeal or amendment of existing District law or for proposed legislation that he or she considers necessary to give full force and effect to this chapter;

(2) Serve as the primary agency regarding environmental and natural resources policy, planning, and implementation, and making legislative recommendations for consideration by the Mayor and the Council;

(3) Make available to the public, through seminars, publications, training programs, or other means, educational information on protecting the District’s natural resources;

(4) Initiate activities that encourage local business and industry and private citizens to conserve and protect natural resources in the District of Columbia;

(5) Assist and cooperate with private, local, regional, and federal agencies and officials to protect and enhance the environment and natural resources, to promote environmental awareness, and to enforce the District's environmental and natural resource laws;

(6) Obtain, maintain, and make available to the public accurate, up-to-date information regarding the environment, including compliance data, pursuant to §§ 2-532 and 2-536;

(7) Within one year of February 15, 2006, and every 2 years thereafter, submit a comprehensive State of the Environment report to the Council assessing the state of the environment in the District, including the activities and accomplishments of the DOEE; and

(8) Serve as the trustee for natural resources for the District.