Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–1778.46. Establishment of Quality Assurance Program.

The Mayor shall establish a Quality Assurance Program to promote transparency, assure the competence of contractors and individuals performing retrofits, analyze energy savings, and achieve the following goals:

(1) Establishment and publication of the Certification Standards required of contractors and subcontractors to be eligible to receive contracts or subcontracts under this chapter, which at a minimum shall require contractors to comply with:

(A) All applicable business licensing, insurance, tax, and bonding laws and regulations of the District; and

(B) All applicable federal and District wage and hour, employment, workplace health and safety, equal employment opportunity, and other standards of labor and employment law, including proper classification of workers;

(2) Providing private investors, lenders, and property owners with the certification and performance standards required of auditors, inspectors, contractors, subcontractors, maintenance companies, and other entities that provide construction, installation, repairs, and maintenance of Energy Efficiency Improvements as a result of an Energy Efficiency Loan;

(3) Conducting quality control inspections of services rendered by contractors and subcontractors; and

(4) Verifying and analyzing energy savings following the installation of Energy Efficiency Improvements.