Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–181.03. Duties and functions of the Commission.

(a) The Commission shall:

(1) Identify best practices in resiliency, including those being pursued by other municipalities, other states, other regions, and the federal government;

(2) Conduct vulnerability assessments for the current resilience of critical infrastructure and systems, including energy production, food and water security, the built environment, natural resources, emergency preparedness and response, transportation, housing, economic risk management, telecommunications, and public health;

(3) Develop recommendations to address vulnerabilities and increase resiliency;

(4) Evaluate the projected impacts of climate change on critical infrastructure and systems, natural resources, public health, and the economy;

(5) Develop recommendations for proactive solutions to mitigate the expected impacts of climate change, including how agencies and other entities should integrate mitigation and adaptation strategies when planning and designing policies, programs, and projects; and

(6) Identify and recommend standard resiliency guidelines for the design and planning of infrastructure and development projects.

(b) In the course of its work, the Commission shall consider climate adaptation, infrastructure management, planning documents, and hazard mitigation plans initiated by District agencies, including the Department of Energy and Environment, the Office of Planning, the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, and the District Department of Transportation.

(c) Within 14 months of February 18, 2017, the Commission shall submit an interim report to the Council and the Mayor that provides:

(1) Details on the work completed pursuant to this section as of the date of the report;

(2) Preliminary recommendations for mitigation of climate change impacts and vulnerabilities; and

(3) Preliminary recommendations to coordinate adaptation strategies across agencies and other entities.

(d) Within 2 years of February 18, 2017, and every 3 years thereafter, the Commission shall submit a report to the Council and the Mayor that provides:

(1) Details on the work completed pursuant to this section as of the date of the report;

(2) A comprehensive inventory of at-risk infrastructure; provided, that the Commission may redact portions of the inventory in the interest of national security or public safety;

(3) A list of action items needed to reduce vulnerabilities related to climate change, including recommendations for coordination of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies to increase resiliency across agencies and other entities;

(4) Recommendations for legislative or regulatory changes needed to implement the action items developed pursuant to paragraph (3) of this subsection;

(5) Recommendations for future updates to the Comprehensive Energy Plan, the Climate Adaptation Plan, and the All Hazards Mitigation Plan; and

(6) A timeline of future meetings and actions of the Commission.