Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–2206. Control of specific species.

(a) The use of any toxicant to control pigeons, European starlings, or house sparrows shall be prohibited. The Department may limit the use of toxicants on other species of wildlife where it is determined that the wildlife can be reasonably controlled using less harmful methods.

(b)(1) The Department, in consultation with the Department of Health, shall establish rules governing the control of feral dogs and cats in the District by wildlife control operators.

(2) The Department’s rules shall be consistent with the District’s policy in favor of trap, neuter, return, and adoption for controlling feral cats, as established by the Animal Care and Control Agency pursuant to § 8-1802.

(3) When no other methods of control have been adequate, the Department may authorize a wildlife control operator to control feral dogs or cats. Wildlife control operators controlling feral dogs or cats under such a permit shall abide by the requirements set forth in this chapter.