Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–231.14. Denial, suspension, or revocation.

The Mayor, after notice and opportunity for hearing, may suspend, revoke, modify, or refuse to issue, renew, or restore a certificate or accreditation issued under this subchapter if the Mayor finds that the applicant or holder:

(1) Has failed to comply with any provision of this subchapter or rule issued pursuant to this subchapter;

(2) Has misrepresented facts relating to a lead-based paint activity to a client or customer;

(3) Has made a false statement or misrepresentation material to the issuance, modification, or renewal of a certificate, permit, or accreditation;

(4) Has submitted a false or fraudulent record, invoice, or report;

(5) As a training provider, or as an instructor, has provided inaccurate information or inadequate training;

(6) Fails to meet any qualifications required by this subchapter;

(7) Does not possess proof of required accreditation, as prescribed by the Mayor;

(8) Has had a history of repeated violations; or

(9) Has had a certificate, permit, or accreditation denied, revoked, or suspended in another state or jurisdiction.