Code of the District of Columbia

§ 9–101.05. Use of property by owner until condemnation.

The owner or owners of land over or upon which any highway or reservation shall be projected upon any map filed under §§ 9-103.01 to 9-103.05 shall have the free right to the use and enjoyment of the same for building or any other lawful purpose, and the free right to transfer the title thereof, until proceedings looking to the condemnation of such land shall have been authorized and actually begun. And as to any highway or part of highway which by any such map is to be abandoned neither the right of those occupying or owning land abutting thereon or adjacent thereto, nor the right of the public to use such highway or part of highway, shall be affected by the filing of such map until condemnation proceedings looking to the ascertainment of the damages resulting from such proposed abandonment shall have been authorized and actually begun; nor shall the obligation of the municipal authorities to keep the same in repair be affected until they are rendered useless by the opening and improvement of new highways, to be evidenced by public notice by the Mayor of the District of Columbia.