Code of the District of Columbia

§ 9–1107.12. Reservation of right to alter, amend or repeal subchapter; submission of reports; scope of Presidential and Congressional inquiry; audits.

(a) The right to alter, amend or repeal this subchapter is hereby expressly reserved.

(b) The Authority shall submit to Congress and the President copies of all annual and special reports made to the Governors, the Mayor of the District of Columbia and/or the legislatures of the compacting States.

(c) The President and the Congress or any committee thereof shall have the right to require the disclosure and furnishing of such information by the Authority as they may deem appropriate. Further, the President and Congress or any of its committees shall have access to all books, records and papers of the Authority as well as the right of inspection of any facility used, owned, leased, regulated or under the control of said Authority.

(d) In carrying out the audits provided for in § 70(b) of the Compact, the representatives of the General Accounting Office shall have access to all books, accounts, financial records, reports, files, and all other papers, things, or property belonging to or in use by the Board and necessary to facilitate the audit, and they shall be afforded full facilities for verifying transactions with the balances or securities held by depositories, agents, and custodians.