Code of the District of Columbia

§ 3–641.05. Commission on Poverty; resources and staff.

(a)(1) The Commission shall have at least 3 paid staff persons, including an Executive Director.

(2)(A) The Mayor shall appoint the Executive Director.

(B) The Executive Director shall:

(i) Be a resident of the District;

(ii) Devote full time to the duties of the position;

(iii) Report on a regular basis, as determined by the Chairperson, to the Commission; and

(iv) Hire and supervise other Commission staff, as the approved budget for the Commission permits.

(3) At least one member of the staff shall have been in poverty at sometime within the 3-year period before the individual's date of hire.

(b)(1) Staff shall assist in the preparation of the poverty-reduction plan and annual reports, conduct the administrative activities of the Commission, and perform other duties, as directed by the Commission's Chairperson.

(2) The staff may retain outside consultants to assist with preparing and drafting the poverty-reduction plan and annual reports.

(c) The Mayor shall provide sufficient office space and technical and administrative support to assist the Commission and its staff in meeting the goals mandated by this chapter.