Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–1804. Financial audit and reporting requirements.

(a) The Bar Foundation shall provide the Council with:

(1) An annual financial audit of its activities prepared by a certified public accountant licensed in the District of Columbia and carried out in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards; provided, that the audit may be conducted as part of the Bar Foundation's annual audit;

(2) Biannual reporting that includes the following information:

(A) The gender, race, ethnicity, and age of eligible individuals served;

(B) The election ward of residence of eligible individuals served;

(C) The incomes of eligible individuals served;

(D) Legal services provided to eligible individuals; and

(E) A list of designated legal services providers and the amount of grant funding provided to each, including how the grant funding is used by each designated legal services provider; and

(3) Annual programmatic reporting that includes:

(A) An evaluation of the performance of each designated legal services provider;

(B) The legal outcomes for each eligible individual or group served;

(C) An evaluation of implementation challenges and recommendations for future improvements; and

(D) An assessment of unmet legal needs in the provision of legal services for covered proceedings.