Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2853.13. Procedures for renewal of license, certification, and registration.

(a) At least 30 days before the license, certification or regulation expires, or a greater period as established by rule, the Mayor shall send to the person licensed, certified or registered, by first class mail to his or her last known address, a renewal notice that states:

(1) The date on which the current license, certificate, or registration expires;

(2) The date by which the renewal application must be received for renewal to be issued prior to expiration; and

(3) The amount of the renewal fee.

(b) Before a license, certificate or registration expires, it may be renewed for an additional term, if the person applying for renewal:

(1) Submits a timely application;

(2) Is otherwise eligible to be renewed;

(3) Pays the renewal fee established by the Mayor;

(4) Submits satisfactory evidence of compliance with any continuing education requirements established by the board; and

(5) Meets any other requirements established by law or regulation.

(c) The Mayor shall renew the license or certificate, or shall re-register, each applicant for renewal who meets the requirements of this section and § 47-2853.13 [sic], unless a question has been raised about whether an applicant for renewal is eligible for renewal. Where questions arise about the eligibility of the applicant for renewal, the board with responsibility for that occupation or profession shall investigate and determine whether the applicant shall be renewed.